Welcome to my happy place! Aka – the kitchen. I’m Magan and I love to cook and bake up all sorts of munchies with my husband, Dylan, and our two cats, Dolce and Biscotti.

I have always been passionate about baking and found that it is one of my favorite ways to connect with people and show them my love. While the world is more connected than ever, I still find it hard to stay in touch with everyone. I wanted to start this blog as a way to stay in touch with friends and family and to bring a piece of my love to your table!

I love learning and I want to become a better chef and baker. I have been attempting this through trying out new recipes and cooking methods. If you are interested in creating homemade versions of your favorite foods, you are in the right place! I am a firm believer that the books are generally superior than their movie counterparts and the same goes for food. Homemade and unprocessed versions of your favorite foods are so much more satisfying when you can say you made it yourself — not to mention more tasty.

I enjoy researching new ideas for each week’s menu and have noticed a lack of planning as the culprit for falling back on crutches such as processed food or fast food. The recipes will tend towards smaller batches as there are only two of us in our household. Small batch recipes help me to shop for the appropriate amount and reduce food waste. Please subscribe to the email list and let me help you with your weekly menu planning!